University students consider Garrigues best firm to work at for third year running


For the third year running, Garrigues has been chosen as the best law firm to work at according to a study conducted by Universum and PeopleMatters, consultancies specializing in people management, which places Garrigues at the top of students’ list of preferences. Both in the category of law and in the humanities (which includes art and education), Garrigues took first place in the ranking.

Conducted in conjunction with over forty universities and business schools, the study examines the general preferences of the Spanish university population by analyzing replies from over 24,000 students. The report evaluates different aspects of the professional careers young people aspire to, the attributes that motivate them when it comes to choosing an employer and the perception they have of the companies and organizations participating in the study.

This recognition comes on top of that received in recent years in Merco Personas and Actualidad Económica, which also identified Garrigues as university students’ preferred law firm and one of the best places to work.


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