Transport & Shipping Newsletter - November 2014


Publication edited quarterly in Spanish and English language by the Department of Shipping and Transport Law of Garrigues is focused on the Maritime Law in the EU, Spain and Portugal.


I. European Union and International

1. Legislation and legislative developments

  • 1.1 The IMO approves the IGF Code for the use of liquid gas as marine fuel
  • 1.2 Directive 2014/89/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 June 2014 sets up a framework for maritime spatial planning
  • 2. Recent case law
  • 2.1 The CJEU rules on the concept of “arrival time” used to determine the length of the delay to which passengers on a flight have been subject for the purpose of receiving compensation
  • 2.2 The CJEU confirms that the Framework Agreement on fixed-term work applies to seafarers on crossings between two ports situated in the same member state

II. Spain

1. Legislation and legislative developments

  • 1.1 Entry into force of the Maritime Shipping Law
  • 1.2 Amendments to the procedure for ships calling at major Spanish state-owned ports (“ports of general interest”)
  • 1.3 Changes in the airport and port industries
  • 1.4 Simpler and swifter tests for obtaining pilotage exemptions
  • 1.5 Approval of the National Shipping Plan in response to marine pollution
  • 1.6 New legislation on professional certifications for the merchant navy and on nautical matters 8

2. Recent case law

  • 2.1 The Supreme Court clarifies the definition and temporal effects of force majeure in a case involving breach of a contract for the international sale of goods
  • 2.2 The Supreme Court confirms that the seller’s obligation to deliver a boat requires the timely delivery of the necessary documentation for its registration



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