Transport & Shipping Newsletter - March 2014


Publication edited quarterly in Spanish and English language by the Department of Shipping and Transport Law of Garrigues is focused on the Maritime Law in the EU, Spain and Portugal.


I. European Union

1. Legislation and legislative developments

  • 1.1 New Regulation on tachographs in road transport
  • 1.2 Amendment to passenger rights following delayed flights

2. Recent case law

  • 2.1 “Spanish healthcare cent” (céntimo sanitario”) held unlawful by the CJEU
  • 2.2 The CJEU rules against residence-based restrictions for obtaining a boating license

II. Spain

1. Legislation and legislative developments

  • 1.1 Transportation reform (Royal Decree 1/2014, of March 24, 2014)
  • 1.2 Publication of the fourth master agreement for dock workers and stevedores
  • 1.3 Regulations on transportation of dangerous goods by road
  • 1.4 Approval of new rates for the use of air navigation aids
  • 1.5 New legislation on tax leases of ships in Spanish Corporate Income Tax Law (TRLIS)

2. Recent case law

  • 2.1 The Constitutional Court gives protection to parties affected by the closure of airspace in 2010
  • 2.2 The Constitutional Court confirms central government’s powers to authorize offshore wind farms
  • 2.3 The government’s financial liability for detaining a foreign vessel held void


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