Transport & Shipping Newsletter -January 2015


Publication edited quarterly in Spanish and English language by the Department of Shipping and Transport Law of Garrigues is focused on the Maritime Law in the EU, Spain and Portugal.


I. European Union and International

1. Legislation and legislative developments

  • 1.1 New sulfur requirements in force in Emission Control Areas (ECA)
  • 1.2 Commission approves regulation on airworthiness of aircraft and appliances

2. Recent case law

  • 2.1 General Court of the European Union upholds the legality of Spanish tax lease system
  • 2.2 Court of Justice of the European Union rules against Spanish stevedoring system
  • 2.3 General Court of the European Union confirms validity of surcharges required by air carriers for checked-in luggage

II. Spain

1. Legislation and legislative developments

  • 1.1 Changes to tonnage tax rules in new Corporate Income Tax Law (Law 27/2014, of November 27, 2014)
  • 1.2 New exemptions for sales and supplies of fluorinated gases to ships and aircraft
  • 1.3 General Fishing Fleet Register created in new Marine Fishing Law and personal income tax exemptions for seafarers’ salary income
  • 1.4 Amendment to rules on cards required to steer pleasure craft
  • 1.5 Harmonization of customs procedures in maritime traffic
  • 1.6 Creation of State Railway Safety Agency
  • 1.7 Rules on inspections of foreign ships updated

2. Recent case law

  • 2.1 Supreme Court confirms validity of increased cover for civil liability in the carriage of passengers by air


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