Newsletter Restructuring and Insolvency - November 2015


The brand new newsletter features the most recent legal developments occurred in the restructuring and insolvency practice, such as the “electronic auction” serving also as a method for winding up assets within insolvency proceedings, the new scope of the pledge over future credit rights when the insolvency proceeding of the pledgor debtor is commenced or the limitations faced by insurance agencies pursuing insolvency or pre-insolvency procedures when they are subject to special measures of control.

This new edition also comprises the most significant cases and transactions in which our professionals have taken part in the last quarter of 2015 and a selection of the most relevant refinancing agreements rubber-stamped by Spanish Courts, in many of which a forced extension of the effects of the refinancing has been agreed with respect to dissenting creditors.

The newsletter concludes by highlighting the latest publications and acknowledgements received by our experts.


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