Intellectual Property Commentary 2-2014


Regulation (EU) No 608/2013, of the European Parliament and the Council 12 June 2013, concerning customs enforcement of intellectual property rights

The new Regulation 608/2013 sets out (as the repealed regulation did) the conditions and procedures for action by the customs authorities when they detect goods suspected of infringing an intellectual property right that enters the European Union (EU). This change in legislation seeks to strengthen the protection afforded to intellectual property rights at borders.

The adoption of border measures has proven to be particularly effective in the fight against piracy, given that thanks to these measures, every year it is possible to prevent the entry into the EU of large numbers of counterfeit goods. According to the Tax Agency, in 2013 over two million counterfeit articles were seized in almost 2,300 operations carried out by the Customs Department. The majority of the goods seized were articles of clothing, watches, glasses, leather goods, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, toys as well as electrical equipment and components.


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