Garrigues revenues for professional services hit the €337.6 million-mark in 2012


At the provisional closing of the 2012 fiscal year (September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012), Garrigues obtained €337.6 million in revenues from professional services, according to the data submitted at the Garrigues Partners’ Meeting held in Madrid. In percentage terms, this result is down 5% on the 2011 billings.

As Garrigues Managing Partner Fernando Vivesexplained to the partners, “the market affects us much like any other company. Despite this, this has been a highly satisfactory year, not just in economic terms, as far as billings and profitability, but also as regards the quality of our business. The Firm has taken a proactive approach to the crisis and this has enabled it to meet the challenge head on. Today, the Firm is more robust and competitive.”

The Managing Partner also insisted to the assembled partners that, precisely due to the backdrop of the crisis, “client service is, and must continue to be, the overriding concern of the Firm. Our organization must work for and on behalf of clients. The revenues obtained and our success this fiscal year are thanks to the trust they have placed in us.

15 new equity partners

Garrigues’ Partners’ Meeting today rubber-stamped the appointment of 15 new equity partners, five of whom were already non-equity partners, alongside the recent incorporation of senior judge Enrique Grande as a new equity partner in the Barcelona Litigation Department. Elsewhere, eleven professionals have been named counsels:

New partners

- Miguel Méndez: Litigation (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

- Alberto Blasco Hernando: Labor and Employment(Barcelona)

- Manel Bueno Gavín: Corporate/Commercial (Barcelona)

- Estefanía Iceta: Real Estate (Barcelona)

- Iñigo Esquíroz: Labor and Employment (San Sebastián)

- Avelino Álvarez: Labor and Employment (Valencia)

- Ángel García Ruiz: Tax (Madrid)

- Bernardo Pérez-Navas: Labor and Employment (Madrid)

- Juan Verdugo García: Restructuring and Insolvencies (Madrid)

- Álvaro Valle de Alvear: Corporate/Commercial (Madrid)

Former non-equity partners

- José Pedro Fernández-Casas: Tax(Granada),

- Carlos Rapallo Fernández: Corporate/Commercial (Sevilla)

- María Ángeles Manzano: Litigation(Madrid)

- Francisco Martínez Iglesias: Corporate/Commercial (Madrid)

- José María Muñoz Paredes: Corporate/Commercial (Oviedo)

New counsels

- Pedro Miguel González: Litigation (Sevilla)

- Juan Manuel Pargada: Corporate/Commercial (Zaragoza)

- Mónica Sevilla: Human Capital Services (Barcelona)

- Susana Rodríguez: Corporate/Commercial (Barcelona)

- Pilar Navalón: Tax (Madrid)

- Manuel Villa: Transfer pricing(Madrid)

- María Esperanza Motilla: Corporate/Commercial (Madrid)

- Jesús Barbadillo: Litigation (Madrid)

- Martín Pastrana: Administrative Law (Oviedo)

- Alejandro Padín: Litigation (La Coruña)

- Ramón Jareño: Corporate/Commercial (Alicante)

Managing Partner selection process

Garrigues’ Senior Partner Ricardo Gómez informed the Meeting of the outcome of the individual survey conducted among the partners to identify candidates to head the Firm, a position due to be renewed in summer 2013 once the bylaw period currently running is over.

The upshot of the above survey is that Fernando Vives has been singled out by 98% of partners as their candidate for reelection as Garrigues’ Managing Partner for the period 2013-2017.

Garrigues is continental Europe’s leading firm in terms of billings and headcount. The Firm’s professional team during FY12 was 1,776-strong (including 288 partners). Total headcount at Garrigues amounted to 2,372, taking in administrative and internal services staff.

The Firm can boast the largest network on the Iberian Peninsula, with 27 offices in Spain and Portugal in the wake of the closure of the Almeria and Badajoz offices. Garrigues has a further 8 international offices in Brussels, Casablanca, London, New York, São Paulo, Shanghai, Tangiers and Warsaw.


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