From left to right, the new Garrigues partners with the executive chairman and senior partner: Luis Collado, César Acosta, Pablo Geijo, Lino Torgal, Gabriela Pérez, Fernando Vives (executive chairman of Garrigues), Diego D’Alma, Javier Fernández, Tiago Cassiano Neves, Ilazki Otaegi, Álvaro de la Cueva, Ricardo Gómez (senior partner), Camilo Zarama and Roberto Borrás.

The Garrigues Partners’ Meeting approves the appointment of twelve new equity partners


Half of the new partners practice outside of Spain, reflecting the increasingly international nature of the firm.

The Garrigues Partners’ Meeting has approved the appointment of twelve new equity partners, taking the total to almost 300.

Six of the new partners practice in Spain, three in Latin America -the area constituting the bulk of the firm’s expansion-, two in Portugal and one in China, reflecting the increasingly international nature of the firm. Garrigues is committed to growth in the different countries (it is now present in thirteen) through own offices that adhere to the same corporate culture and values, thereby ensuring that clients receive the same quality of service throughout the firm’s network.

Notable among the promotions this year are two new partners with a wealth of professional experience prior to joining the firm. Columbian Roberto Borrás has held the positions of Financial Superintendent of Colombia, Director General of the Financial Compliance Unit of the Colombian Ministry of Finance and Public Debt, and Chairman of the Colombian Securities Market Self-Regulatory Body, among others. Portuguese lawyer Lino Torgal has broad experience in administrative law, energy, environmental law and transportation, acquired in positions such as founding partner of law firm Lino Torgal & Associados and managing partner of Sérvulo & Associados.

The Partners’ Meeting took the opportunity to reflect on the situation of the legal services industry and the challenges faced by the firm. These notably include internationalization, fundamentally centered on opening own offices in Latin America, and the implementation of innovative solutions to enhance client service.

The new partners are:

César Acosta, Tax Law (Sta. Cruz de Tenerife)

Roberto Borrás, Corporate/Commercial Law (Bogotá)

Tiago Cassiano Neves, Tax Law (Lisbon)

Luis Collado, Corporate/Commercial Law (Seville)

Diego D'Alma, Tax Law (Shanghai)

Álvaro de la Cueva, Tax Law (Madrid)

Javier Fernandez Rivaya, Administrative Law (Madrid)

Pablo Geijo, Litigation and Arbitration (La Coruña)

Ilazki Otaegi, Tax Law (Bilbao)

Gabriela Pérez, Corporate/Commercial Law (City of Mexico)

Lino Torgal, Administrative Law (Lisbon)

Camilo Zarama, Tax Law (Bogota)


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