Garrigues Medio Ambiente is changing its name to G-advisory


Garrigues Medio Ambiente, the subsidiary of the law firm Garrigues, has changed its name to G-advisory. This consulting firm, founded in 2000, specializes in technical, economic and strategic advice on energy, the environment, climate change, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

The reasons for the name change are twofold. On the one hand, its business has expanded and diversified over the past decade. Nowadays, the consulting services provided by G-advisory go way beyond what can be likened to the classical conception of the environment. On the other hand, the new brand and corporate image seek to identify more clearly the consulting services offered by G-advisory to its local and international clients, differentiating them from the Garrigues brand, which has been linked, since its inception, to legal and tax advice. The links between G-advisory and the law firm will remain unchanged and G-advisory will continue to call on the multidisciplinary legal services offered by Garrigues.

“Garrigues Medio Ambiente was a pioneering venture we firmly believed in. Today, thirteen years later, we can proudly say that our decision has been borne out by the recognition and backing it has received from the market. In this new phase we are embarking on under the G-advisory brand, we will remain, as ever, fully committed to a first-rate service that always contributes value added to each of our clients and allows us to anticipate their needs and help them grow and improve day by day,” explained Antonio Baena, G-advisory’s managing partner.

At present, G-advisory can boast a 30-plus strong multidisciplinary team of professionals (three of whom are partners), including industrial, civil and chemical engineers, and forestry and horticultural scientists; geology and chemistry graduates; and economists and experts with other technical qualifications. From G-advisory’s offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Paris, they have worked, thus far, on over a thousand international, nationwide, regional and municipal projects for private enterprises, public authorities, industry associations and multilateral organizations.


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