Garrigues coordinates “The Essentials of Merger Review”, a collective guide by the American Bar Association


The EU and Competition Law Department at Garrigues coordinates this impressive review of both the procedural and substantive competition issues involved in cross-border transactions in more than 60 jurisdictions.

Susana Cabrera, Garrigues’ partner at the EU and Competition Law Department and co-chair of the American Bar Association’s International Antitrust Law Committee, has co-led a multi-jurisdictional team of lawyers to produce the collective work: “The Essentials of Merger Review”, published by the American Bar Association. This compiling book offers detailed descriptions of antitrust and competition laws regulating mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and other relevant transactions in more than 60 jurisdictions. In addition to its editing, Susana Cabrera and Alberto Escudero, senior associate at the same department, have elaborated the Spanish Chapter.

The growth in the number of jurisdictions undertaking pre-merger reviews and the willingness of these jurisdictions to impose limitations or outright prohibit transactions further amplifies the significance of these merger review processes. As a result, successfully preparing and shepherding merger notifications through multiple jurisdictions has become a complex task. This in-depth guide serves as a major reference for in-house and outside counsel involved with both cross-border transactions and local transactions that may produce extraterritorial effects. From Albania to Vietnam and many jurisdictions in between, the authors present a review of both the procedural and substantive issues involved in filing a notification and requesting approval, leading cases, statistics, and latest developments in merger review around the globe.


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