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Garrigues the Best Company to Work for in Spain


(09/07/2004) Garrigues tops the sixth  survey on “The Best Companies to Work For in Spain” published by the magazine, “Actualidad Económica”. This survey was based on the information provided by the human resources departments and employees of the 135 companies that voluntarily filled in the questionnaire. Garrigues is the only law firm among the rated companies.

The survey evaluates six aspects that affect the professional and working environment at companies: professional career, compensation, working conditions and timetable, training, corporate social responsibility (assessed for the first time) and employees and transparency. Garrigues scored first with a total of 897 points out of a potential maximum of 1,000. Following Garrigues, the oil company CEPSA and the consulting firm KMPG ranked second and third, respectively. The survey also took into account other factors such as the number of women holding management positions at the companies. 

In the opinion of the survey’s authors, Garrigues is renowned for the training it offers its professionals. 145 technical courses on legal and tax matters were conducted in 2003. The article also stresses the Firm’s transparency in its selection of candidates and in the periodic evaluation of its employees’ professional careers. Lastly, the study considers the Firm’s involvement in social actions through the creation of a committee comprising of representatives from all levels and areas of the firm.

In his editorial, Jaime Velasco, director of ‘Actualidad Económica’, draws special attention to the career planning possibilities available to Garrigues professionals: “Garrigues employees know where they will be in five, ten or fifteen years' time. This possibility does not arise in many companies. The firm is aware that its employees’ talent and work capacity is its key asset, which is why the firm invests in human capital and looks after it as other companies would do for their capital investments and warehouses”.


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