Garrigues and the Institute of Knowledge Engineering (UAM) are developing a project to robotize the management of legal documentation in proceedings

  • The new system, called [email protected], converts audio files, all multimedia and other documents into indexable text. 
  • In recent years, the firm has carried out several work automation tests in its different practice areas with state of the art software.

The Garrigues law firm and the Institute of Knowledge Engineering (“Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento – IIC”), associated with the Autónoma University of Madrid (UAM), have signed an agreement to develop a project using robots to manage documents relating to legal services provided to companies.

After several months of planning and testing, the firm and the IIC are to implement a new platform, called [email protected], that enables faster and completely reliable management and analysis of the legal documentation it receives and analyzes every day. It will be the first time that such a system has been implemented in Spain by any law firm in Spanish, given that all the initiatives to date have been undertaken by large international firms, mainly in English.

The IIC is in charge of the technological development of the project, which is based on the KIOO platform of its own creation, a data recovery system using text found in different formats, such as images or recordings, from a wide range of legal sources. The platform features character recognition technology that enables the conversion of any scanned document of a summary into a format that facilitates later search and recovery.

It also features a module that converts audio into text (Speech-To-Text), developed by the ATVS Audias research group at the Autonomous University of Madrid, which allows immediate transcribing of trial recordings.  The project incorporates the most advanced automatic learning algorithms in the recognition of characters, conversion of speech into text and linguistic technologies that enable lawyers to recover the documents relating to a particular case.

Other initiatives
The initiative is part of an ongoing process of technological and knowledge management innovation at Garrigues, which has earned it several international awards. In addition to the implementation of this new pioneering technology platform in Spain, the firm has been carrying out other pilot tests with state of the art international software using the robotization of processes.
All these new tools to be implemented by Garrigues for management and the services it provides are supplemented by those it has already introduced in recent years, with proven results. 



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