Iván López García de la Riva and Francisco Conde appointed as secretary and treasurer respectively.

Forelab elects Rafael Giménez-Arnau as its new president


Madrid, January 9, 2017. The Executive Committee of Forelab (Foro Español de Laboralistas) has unanimously elected Rafael Giménez-Arnau, partner of the Garrigues labor and employment law department, as its new president. In addition, the association has appointed Iván López García de la Riva, partner of the labor and employment department of Abdón Pedrajas & Molero, as the secretary and Francisco Conde, partner of the labor and employment department of Cuatrecasas, as the treasurer.

The three professionals have extensive experience in the area of labor relations and work actively on promoting and developing the association’s activities.

The new president, Rafael Giménez-Arnau, is a founding member of Forelab and during his mandate will lead the forum’s national activities. He is a partner of the labor and employment law department at Garrigues, where he has developed his professional career. Rafael specializes in strategic legal-labor and HR advice for executive management. He has a degree in Law, Economics and Business Administration from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas-ICADE. “Our objective is to continue to increase our activities and new members and to position ourselves as the leading labor law forum”, said Mr. Giménez-Arnau.


Forelab is a forum that is independent to all political parties, employer associations and trade unions, comprised of leading lawyers and legal experts in the area of Labor and Employment Law, which represents Spanish labor lawyers and provides them with a meeting place for the exchange of professional experiences and analysis of labor relations in Spain.

The association promotes training, study and research activities related to labor relations and the labor market, specifically talks, symposiums and forums aimed at improving labor relations in Spain. It also cooperates with other national and international associations and bodies to develop the areas of labor relations it considers appropriate.


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