The Financial Times names Garrigues as the most innovative law firm in continental Europe for the fourth time


Garrigues was named yesterday at the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards—for the fourth time in the last five years—as the most innovative law firm in continental Europe. The judges valued highly the firm’s well-balanced commitment to innovation in the two main areas on which these awards focus: “legal expertise” and the “business of law”. Garrigues’ final score far exceeded that of the other law firms against which it was competing for this award, which was one of the top prizes of the evening.

In addition to recognising Garrigues as one of the most forward-thinking firms of the year, Financial Times also shortlisted it under a further four categories, alongside some of the most prestigious and competitive firms in Europe. Specifically, it was ranked among the pioneering firms in the application of legal rules over the past ten years, and considerable value was attributed to its contribution in the area of corporate social responsibility, in addition to which it was a shortlisted in the category of Dispute Resolution.

Following this latest award, the executive chairman of Garrigues, Fernando Vives, commented that “the fact that we are being ranked year after year among the leading law firms worldwide in awards of this kind, and the recognition this implies of the innovative work of our 1,500 or so professionals and lawyers, is a tremendous boost to the firm’s internationalization strategy”.

Apart from the recent opening of Garrigues’ second office in China and its major presence in markets such as Poland and Portugal, the firm has highly ambitious expansion plans under way in Latin America, where it has been operating for over forty years, with its own offices in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Peru.  


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