Antonio Garrigues named Honorary Chairman of the Firm

Fernando Vives takes up the reins as Executive Chairman of Garrigues


As of today, October 1, Fernando Vives, the Managing Partner of Garrigues, is the Executive Chairman of the Firm, following a resolution adopted by the Partner’s Meeting.

On the occasion of his eightieth birthday, Antonio Garrigues has stepped down from his role as partner and has been named the Firm’s Honorary Chairman.

Fernando Vives, who now takes up position as the Executive Chairman, has been the Managing Partner at Garrigues since 2010. He has more than twenty-five years’ experience at the Firm, including eight as the Partner in charge of the Corporate/Commercial practice area. The leading legal publications and directories have singled Fernando Vives out as one of the most renowned practitioners in his area of expertise.

Aside from the running of the Firm, he practices as an expert in corporate governance, securities markets, company law, M&A, private equity, banking and finance law and insurance.

The Partners’ Meeting also voted to reelect Ricardo Gómez-Barreda as Garrigues’ Senior Partner for a further four year-term.

Antonio Garrigues, Honorary Chairman

The Firm’s Bylaws set eighty as the age at which Antonio Garrigues would sever his professional ties with the Firm (that date fell yesterday, on September 30).

Nevertheless, the Partners’ Meeting (the Firm’s supreme deliberating and decision-making body) resolved to name him Honorary Chairman in recognition of his outstanding professional track record and his enormous contribution to the development of the Firm he has presided since 1962, as well as to maintain his close ties to the institution, which now stretch back more than sixty years. Antonio Garrigues will continue as Chairman of Fundación Garrigues.

As Fernando Vives put it, “Antonio Garrigues’ contribution, both to the Firm and the legal community as a whole, has been immense. His role is unique and irreplaceable. All of the Firm’s partners recognize and are grateful for his generosity, as was borne out at the Meeting, where the resolution was adopted unanimously.”

The newly unveiled Honorary Chairman thanked the partners for their words. In the words of Antonio Garrigues, “this moment is the result of a particular way of going about things, of talking things over at great length and taking the time to think things through. Such is the lot of institutional firms, whose survival must be guaranteed beyond their founding partners,” before going on to add, “I believe, moreover, that in this case succession is guaranteed thanks to Fernando Vives and Ricardo Gómez, who have done such an exceptional job at a truly challenging time. While I, for my part, will continue to work with the Firm and its partners wherever they may see fit or necessary, I also have other things I wish to do.”


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