Colombia - Transmilenio published the pre-bid specifications to grant a concession for the operation of the roadway of the TransMilenio System in Bogota D. C.


Transmilenio S.A. company in charge of the management, organization and planning of the mass public transportation service for urban passengers in Bogotá and its area of influence, published pre-bid specifications to grant the non-exclusive concession for the operation of the TransMilenio System's roadway in Bogotá D.C.

According to the documents published, the concession will consist of the provision, operation and maintenance of approximately 676 buses, between articulated and bi-articulated buses, as well as the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure delivered for the exploitation of public urban transportation service of passengers in the roadway of the Integrated Public Transportation System of the city of Bogotá DC ("SITP") and its area of influence.

Transmilenio is expected to subscribe four concession contracts, for up to 16 years, in which this right will be granted and through which a maintenance area will be assigned for vehicle maintenance which will be exclusive to each concessionaire. The contracts to be subscribed are planned as follows:

The operation will be remunerated based on the kilometers and the fleet availability. Thus, the compensation of the Concessionaire considers 3 components: a fixed payment that remunerates the fixed costs of administration; a payment per vehicle, which remunerates the investments made by the Concessionaire in the acquisition of vehicles; and a payment per kilometer programmed and traveled. Negative differences presented will be covered by the Tariff Stabilization Fund ("FET") or transfers from Transmilenio S.A. And the positive ones will be transferred to the FET. In addition, the Concessionaire will be entitled to participate in the revenues generated by the commercial exploitation of the SITP.

It is expected that during this year the tender will be awarded and that the buses start operating in 2018.

For further information, contact Omar Martínez ([email protected]) or Carolina Salazar ([email protected]).


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