Centro de Estudios Garrigues launches an Executive MBA in the Management of Professional Services Organizations


Professional services firms are acquiring a key role against the current economic backdrop, but their rise has not often been accompanied by the necessary development of their executive personnel and management systems. Centro de Estudios Garrigues is therefore launching an Executive MBA in the Management of Professional Services Firms to help bridge the gap between their extraordinary rise in number and their adaptation to new management systems.

There are almost 1,500 organizations (with over 20 people) of this nature in Spain, taking in law firms, consulting firms, architecture practices and financial or tax advisory firms, to mention but a few. The nature of these firms encompasses practically all management-related areas: organizational models, the systems in place to attract, compensate, assess and design a career path for their professionals, shared knowledge management, access to partner status, to mention a handful of aspects, all lie at the heart of such entities’ activities and call for tailor-made solutions.

“Experience has taught us that organization offers a real competitive edge. An effectively organized firm tends to outshine its competitors, among other reasons as it can more efficiently and better concentrate its professionals in the market and the achievement of its overriding goals” explains Miguel Gordillo, director of the new EMBA and former managing partner of Garrigues for over nine years.

The overriding aim of this new Executive MBA is to equip participants with all of the technical expertise and tools required to properly manage their professional organization, to be able to bring the corporate strategy into line with the new demands of the socio-economic backdrop as and when required, to have a sound command of every management discipline and to appropriately cater to strategic and future challenges, with a particular emphasis on the challenges posed by internationalization and the management of strategic collaborations with other entities.
The new EMBA is very much a results-oriented program, since the knowledge of management techniques will make a decisive contribution to enhancing the efficiency of Professional Services Firms´ work and that of their professional teams.


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Attached images:
  • Miguel Gordillo, director del EMBA en Dirección de Organizaciones de Servicios Profesionales, y Ángel Bizcarrondo, director del Centro de Estudios