About the firm

Here at Garrigues, we are in no doubt that a law firm’s chief asset is its people. The commitment and proven track record of our team are key to exceeding the expectations of every client, and taking on engagements with competence and determination.

Garrigues has taken on board a commitment to attracting the finest talent and offering them the necessary tools and opportunities to enable them to fully develop their potential and talent. A structured career path, ongoing training, and taking part in high-profile cases are the basic pillars in order to ensure this goal is met.

Alongside in-depth technical expertise, our professionals have a business-oriented strategic and innovative outlook, enabling them to cater to the needs of each client and keep one step ahead of future developments.

Our team is in constant contact with the business situation on the ground and is therefore ideally placed to offer comprehensive advisory services, with uniform quality standards and in line with strict ethical and professional principles