About the firm

A professional limited liability company, Garrigues is owned by all of the Firm's practicing partners.

Professionals who have practiced at the Firm can be promoted to partner by the Partners’ Meeting, at the proposal of the managing body. Partners may only hold one or two shares and no partner holds more than 2% of the Firm’s capital (something that sets us apart from the rest).

The Firm’s management, administration and representation lies with the managing body, pursuant to the powers conferred on it by law and the bylaws. The Partners’ Meeting is the ultimate deliberating and decision-making body.

All Garrigues partners are members of the Partners’ Meeting, which, every four years has to elect and appoint the members of the Firm’s managing body, presided over by a sole director: the Firm’s Executive Chairman and Managing Partner, a position currently held by Fernando Vives.

The Executive Chairman and Managing Partner has to account to the Partners’ Meeting at least once a year. He is supported in his work by several consultative bodies provided for in the bylaws: the Senior Partner, the Board of Managing Partners, the Professional Practice Committee and the Pro Bono Committee, each with their own respective functions.

At present, the Senior Partner is Ricardo Gómez-Barreda, whose brief is to chair the Board of Managing Partners. Both the Executive Chairman and the Senior Partner are full members of the Board.