Offices & Desks

Palma de Mallorca 

Contact: Montse Mas

Avda. Conde Sallent, 23 

07003 Palma de Mallorca, (Spain) 

Phone: +34.971.21.34.84 

Fax: +34.971.21.31.50 

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Garrigues is the currently the law firm with the largest presence in the Balearic Islands, and its Palma de Mallorca office is staffed by more than 25 professionals (lawyers and tax advisers), specializing in all fields of business law.

The office was set up in 1990 and currently has a client base which includes the most important Balearic Island enterprises hailing from a whole host of industries (financial services, energy, tourism, real estate, healthcare, research, etc.), with a truly diverse range of companies and groups seeking our assistance: Spanish enterprises, multinational groups with interests in the islands, family businesses, large enterprises, SMEs, not-for-profit entities, as well as companies and entities from the public sector.

The office provides advisory services in a number of fields of law (tax law, corporate/commercial law, litigation and arbitration, criminal law, insolvency, civil law, environmental law, labor and employment law, intellectual property law and administrative law, the internationalization of enterprises, Human Capital Services, sports & entertainment, real estate law, family businesses, financial services law, energy and telecommunications law, zoning law, new technologies law). Particularly worthy of note is our in-depth specialist knowledge of the problems specific to family business (generational succession, wealth planning for shareholders, consulting, etc.), as well as the setting-up of multinational groups (optimum corporate structures from a tax and legal standpoint, Spanish and international contracts, negotiations with the local authorities, group restructuring processes, etc.). It is also worth highlighting the high degree of specialization we have attained in the tourism industry, enabling us to include the leading Balearic Island enterprises in the industry on our client roster (tour operators, travel agencies, airlines and hotels).

The fact that each of its professional belongs to one of Garrigues’ specialist groups not only allows Garrigues Palma de Mallorca to offer a high standard of quality, but also enables it to assemble a team readily and expeditiously to provide multidisciplinary services in Spain or abroad. This degree of specialization, our physical presence in the Balearic Islands, and the core values shared by all Garrigues professionals (quality service, commitment to ethical integrity and an unstinting dedication to providing integral services) mean that our Balearic clients have Garrigues’ quality and value-added services at their fingertips.