Life Sciences and Healthcare

Agreements for Clinical Trials, Collaboration for Product Development and Acquisitions and Disposals of Biotech Firms 

Clinical trial agreements are technically contracts for services subject to Spanish and European pharmaceutical research regulations. This type of agreement must be reviewed from a number of perspectives:  legal, tax, regulatory, commercial and EU.

In addition, the pharmaceutical industry uses contracts that are specific to the nature of its trade or business, such as manufacturing or joint marketing contracts, contracts with logistics operators, product distribution agreements, and so on. Our experience in this field allows us to offer advice on any of these contracts.

Joint venture agreements to develop medicines or biotech products have become commonplace in an industry which requires the input of a range of specialists in different fields and in processes where entrepreneurs prefer to share the business and financial risks.

Particularly complex aspects of such agreements include the definition of duties and responsibilities of each venturer, the regulation of ownership and the subsequent exploitation of the patent and trademark rights resulting from the research, as well as the milestones that must be passed to give rise to new obligations for the parties, which can in turn lead to dealings with the Spanish or European regulatory agencies or, as is normally the case, the FDA.


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