RecruitmentWhat we look for

What we look for 

Garrigues mainly recruits young people who hold a degree in law, or a joint degree in law and another subject, and we value very highly supplementary studies (at master’s or postgraduate level) completed in the area of economic or business law, or courses completed to sit highly prestigious open competitions.

We also occasionally employ experienced professionals as and when specific needs have to be met or any of our service lines require more personnel.

We are interested in highly motivated people with an enormous capacity for learning and an excellent command of English; future professionals who are team players and have a high degree of initiative, commitment and responsibility.

At Garrigues, we look for academic excellence but we never lose sight of personal achievements. Consequently, when we assess candidates, we also take into account their extracurricular activities, work experience and involvement in social, cultural or sporting activities, as all of these point to the motivation, drive and creativity we are looking for.