This year’s report 

Abre nueva ventana

With this report, Garrigues has once again followed through on its annual commitment to keep clients, professionals, institutions and other stakeholders in the picture. We consider this a duty of transparency to all concerned.

There is no getting away from the fact that the crisis has almost entirely transformed the landscape as we once knew it. There are many who believe (and no doubt rightly so) that, following the recovery, nothing will ever be the same again.

Nonetheless, as a result of and above and beyond such changes, we would point to the transformation experienced by our clients, who are reassessing their objectives and embarking on new ventures. With this in mind, we are here to tell our clients (with whom we have shared common challenges) that they can rest assured that Garrigues is also evolving in a bid to continue helping them as this new future takes shape.

Garrigues has sought to take advantage of these years of crisis to make it better, more robust, more competitive and more sustainable. We have revamped our model of corporate governance, making it more modern and efficient; we have diversified our activity, ushering in new practice areas; we have strengthened our systems of quality control and codes of ethical conduct for all professionals, of whom we demand conduct beyond reproach; we have kept in place our professional career path and we have taken the decision to set up offices in new regions the world over, such as Latin America.

Garrigues is not merely a profit-oriented outfit, but rather seeks to give priority to governance, ethics and corporate values; optimal personnel and talent management and the Firm’s role within society, in which we have a part to play.

Our aim is to remain at the forefront of Spain and Continental Europe’s tax and legal services market, while also boosting our presence worldwide. To this end, no effort will be spared.

Fernando Vives (Managing partner) | Ricardo Gómez-Barreda (Senior partner)