RSE Report 

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The small detail scan make all the difference. In this report on the 2012 financial year, we wish to reflect the details that set us apart from the rest.

Throughout this year, we have made every effort to improve the services we provide our clients. We have sought to work with them side by side, listening and catering to their needs and reinforcing teamwork and collaboration across practice areas and among Firm professionals with a view to creating added value. Bearing out this ever-present concern for our clients’ needs, this year we have placed a special emphasis on expanding and bolstering cross-disciplinary bespoke advisory services in key areas of activity known at Garrigues as “industries”.

The commitment to the dedication and proven expertise of our team has been the key to exceeding market expectations and taking on responsibilities with confidence and determination. We have equipped our team with the necessary resources and opportunities to ensure they can get the best out of their potential and talent. A structured career path, the chance to take part in high-profile engagements and continuous training are the foundations to ensure that this goal is met. The unstinting search for better customer service and greater clarity in our proposals led us to modify the description of professional categories in 2012, set to enter into force in the coming year so as to ensure that they properly reflect the level of experience of the Firm’s professionals.

We take particular pride in the pro bono initiatives with which our professionals contribute with what they know best: their work. This year, the Firm has designed its pro bono program, setting out the main characteristics of the pro bono tax and legal services provided free of charge to not-for-profit entities with welfare, cultural and educational aims and activities. It received the official stamp of approval in 2013 with the presentation of the Pro Bono Manual, detailing the terms and conditions governing the program.

Alongside the pro bono program and true to its nature, the Firm has dedicated a major part of its corporate social responsibility policies to legal research and creating scholarships and awards for young jurists via Fundación Garrigues and Centro de Estudios Garrigues. The corporate outreach activities pursued over the course of the year drew on the support of many people.

On the environmental front, our priorities were oriented towards identifying, evaluating and managing impact, above all in terms of the efficient and responsible use of resources and infrastructure.

The legal profession cannot and should not remain aloof to the financial crisis. The market situation is ushering in changes to the industry. Garrigues has seen a moderate dip in earnings in the 2012 fiscal year. We have worked harder, but the challenge facing many of our clients and the fierce competition has left us enable to charge fees in line with those in previous years.

We are nonetheless satisfied since, thanks to the talent and dedication of our people and a tighter control of costs, we have managed to hold on to our market share and profitability.

The challenge for 2013 is to continue improving client service, staying true to the ethical values and principles that are our hallmark, optimizing resources and making a commitment to develop our people. These undertakings will see us emerge from these uncertain times stronger than ever, ensuring the Firm remains robust well into the future and consolidating our position as the market leader in the legal services industry.

We would like to finish by thanking our clients for placing their trust in Garrigues and our professionals for their sterling efforts.

Fernando Vives (Managing partner) | Ricardo Gómez-Barreda (Senior partner)