Criminal Law

White-collar Crime 

The lawyers in the Criminal Litigation Group solely practice criminal law and their expertise and experience in this field are second to none.

We identify client problems and needs and we are familiar with the criminal law risks faced in the client’s industry and business.

The Group can call on the assistance of lawyers from other practice areas in the Firm as and when the need arises (for instance, in cases involving environmental offenses, tax and social security offenses, public health offenses, crimes against workers’ rights, zoning offenses, corporate crimes, criminal insolvency, etc.).

We try to avoid litigation: if possible, we encourage the swift resolution of disputes so as to avoid the delays entailed by going to court. Our experience enables us to identify and select the right litigation strategy to defend our client’s interests.

We act for individuals and legal entities.

Our lawyers are experts on crimes against the person and against property, crimes against privacy and one’s own image, crimes against the economic and social order, and crimes against intellectual property, as well as on corporate crimes, tax and social security offenses, crimes against workers’ rights, zoning offenses, offenses against natural resources and the environment, public health offenses, road safety offenses, forgery and misrepresentation, crimes against the public authorities, and crimes against the administration of justice.

We are experts on extradition requests and requested extraditions.


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